John Goodwin Skipper 1962

Graeme Henry       May 04, 2020

I was the second Skipper and sailed her from Mozambique to Durban`- Cape Town, across the south Atlantic to Buenos Aires where we took part in the BA to Rio race. From there I cruised north through the Caribbean and Bahamas to the Chesapeake and Newport, RI. There we took part in the Bermuda race. At this point the owner whom we all called CB put an old friend in charge of navigation - it was before GPS and this expert navigator nearly ran us on the north reef. At the last minute I unpacked the life raft and CB finally came to realize the situation and we altered course 90 degrees. This bit of bad work cost us line honors, but we did claim \'First Foreign\' yacht to finish, Stormvogel hardly ever won a race on corrected time. From Bermuda I sailed her to the Azores and on to Cowes in the UK, we then took part in Cowes week, racing against Prince Philip in Bloodehound, after which we took part in a race to Spain, then back to Southampton where she was laid up for the winter.

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